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History of Walker
Robert Walker, Sr.
Robert Walker, Sr.

Robert A. Walker, Jr.
Robert Walker, Jr.

Meet the Staff Meet the Staff
The Walker AIRSEP® has been in service on diesel engines for many years now. The AIRSEP® was first created in 1971, when the late Robert A. Walker Sr. started Walker Engineering Enterprises. Mr. Walker, an aeronautical engineer, had worked for such companies as Douglas and Curtis Wright airplanes.

The original AIRSEP® design was developed for use on light-single and dual-engine piston reciprocating engines. A common problem at the time was the regular discharge of oil that was emitted from the crankcase breather and deposited on the underside of the airplane. The AIRSEP® solved this problem, and the resulting design was subsequently patented and marketed worldwide. Approximately 25,000 units have been sold to the aircraft industry alone.

However, the evolution of the Walker AIRSEP® has been an ongoing one. In 1984, the U.S. Navy approached Walker for help in solving an ongoing engine problem of oil ingestion aboard a vessel. The source was found to be crankcase emissions. It was through this project that the MARINE AIRSEP® was developed and refined for use aboard diesel-powered vessels. Following this project, the AIRSEP® was further refined and packaged by current president Bob Walker for mass-market installations in the Marine Industry for both propulsion and marine Genset-auxiliary power applications.

After rigorous testing and evaluations, the Walker AIRSEP® has been adopted by the leading OEM engine companies in the world, which offer marinized engines. No competing closed crankcase system manufacturer has accomplished this recognition. The AIRSEP® became standard equipment on all Detroit Diesel marine engines in 1991, and later became standard on select industrial models as well. Total shipped units to the Detroit Diesel factory have numbered well over 15,000 units. An excess of 25,000 DDC AIRSE® units operate in the general boating public which were sold as aftermarket kits through the WALKER AIRSEP® dealer network. Over 100,000 to 200,000 AIRSEP® units have been placed into service worldwide, and applied to a range of other engine types.

Both the need and demand for the Walker AIRSEP® expanded with new engine models, older engines looking to update, and new applications such as Gensets and auxiliary engines. The increased interest in the product prompted Walker to step up development work to improve the durability and performance of the unit. Over the last few years, improvements have been made in construction and performance.

Lab and field-testing that was started some time ago still continues today. The goal is to further enhance a heavy-duty unit that effectively meets the rigors of commercial use in all diesel engine applications such as marine, truck, and industrial use. The result of this focus has yielded the new CCE® AIRSEP®.
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