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How it Works - The Walker Airsep
Quality You Can Count On
The Airsep® Air/Oil Separator eliminates crankcase emissions by actually closing the crankcase on your diesel engine. The Airsep® is the only current system with a patented design that uses induction air to coalesce the hot oil vapor into liquid.
Standard Airsep Installation
The Airsep® reduces crankcase pressure, causing the engine to operate in a vacuum. The direct benefits include reduction or elimination of most seal leaks, less lube oil being forced by the rings into the cylinders, and reduction of oil being vented through the crankcase breathers.

When the Airsep® removes the lube oil from the blowby gases, the remaining water vapor and raw diesel fuel is re-inducted into the air intake system. On turbocharged and aftercooler engines, this helps prevent the build-up of grit on the turbocharger blades, or the accumulation of oil residue in the aftercooler. Finally, the inducted water vapor reduces the temperature of combustion, which results in increased engine efficiency.
Typical Inline Airsep Installation
The inline version of the Airsep® operates the same as the standard version, except the inline version uses the existing air filtration of your engine.

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